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The gift of life
Hey everyone back with another drawing to share with you!!:happybounce:  okay so this June we fellow artist are celebrating an event known as Pride month where we get the chance to express ourselves, have fun, and be creative with our art.Undertale SOUL - Rainbow (Fanmade)  so basically for this event you have create a piece of art in one rainbow colour out of the 6 that are acceptable in the event,rainbow flag flapping 

 such as Red for life, Orange for healing, Yellow for sunlight or energy, Green for nature, Blue for harmony or peace, and finally Purple for spirit. of course I picked red for my art work since what better way to represent the meaning of life than a young mother cradling a new born baby.F2U: Pink Neko Blob Icon 

 for this i had to look up some photos for the details of the drawing, used 3 shades of red and a little bit of black to ad the shadows, peach and rose for the background, and then gray and white for the finishing touches. anyway guys hope you all have fun, enjoy the picture and I'll see ya next time cheers XD!! HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA Reina gets head pats F2U: Greenish Neko Blob Icon Prism Palette Sprite    
Hi everyone I'm back with more drawings to share with you guys!:happybounce:  sorry that I haven't been on DA much, been taking with a lot of shit lately...any who so for my next drawing today I decided to draw my friends favorite character Nepeta Leijon since he's a fan of Homestuck and he adores cats.Nodding Mae icon 

It wasn't easy drawing her though I can tell ya that! had to look up so many pics on google just to get the clothes, colours, and details right.Funky Feline  and keep in mind i do not own homestuck or this character, all of this originally belongs to Andrew Hussie the author of homestuck. so anyways guys hope you like my art work and I'll you all next time later!!Reina gets head pats (Gift) Mlp Rainbow biscuit with her cupcake Free Avatar Cute Kitty (3)  
Chocolate season!!
Hi guys!:happybounce:  it's coming to that time of the year again for the Easter bunny to unleash all the chocolates you can eat!I am a dummy!  and I am back with more art to enjoy XD!!La la la la  now for this year's Easter art work I came up with the idea of a teenage girl wearing a hoodie with rabbit ears to show off the Easter bunny look, witch I find cute as hell!Happy 
It also took a little while for me to draw it since I had to look up a lot of pics on google just to make sure I did the hoodie correctly.FRISK APPROVES - glitchtale emoticon  so yeah enjoy the picture everyone and make sure you all have an awesome Easter this year Cheers!!. bunnies and eggs | f2u Hello Kitty (Dancing) icon  
The dusck of night
Hey guys got more work to share with you all XD!!La la la la  so this next piece of work that I'm showing today is a photograph of my photography teacher Jane, during the time I was taking photos of my 2 teachers and classmates while learning how to use the digital camera, and this one photo turned out the best from the others.Hug 

next Jane started showing me how to edit the pictures on the computer, like switching the colours, enhancing the light and shadows, and cropping the size of the photos.Icon - Lovely Dog  anyways during my first few attempt's with the editing I decided to make the photograph of Jane as a black & white type of photo only except I changed the white in the image to a more light brownish colour, which turned out to be a good combo since it made the image look more like a painting than a photograph.Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Icon 

yeah so hope you guys like my work and I'll be seeing you all soon. until next time cheers!!School-Live! - Megumi Smile      
Autum Plum
Hey guys back again with another one of my personal best works XD!!:happybounce:  so yeah last year I ended up taking photography back in college and managed to put together at least 4 awesome photographs, which has ended up as top of the class. Pokemon - Mimikyu Jumping Happily With Hearts 
but enough of that on to the info, now this first photo was originally taken in a graveyard while I was standing under this big old plum tree, and I gotta tell ya guys, getting that plum in the photo was not an easy thing to do since it was windy as hell that day.Higurashi Kira - Rika Dance 

so yeah hope you all enjoy the photo and I'll try to post more of my work when I can. until next time bye everyone!!!School-Live! - Megumi Smile 

The gift of the heart
hi everyone! it's that time of the year again where love is in the air and the chance for the people to spend the time with the one's they love so enjoy the art guys and have an awesome V-day cheers XD!!Love Hug Floating Heart (Red) - F2U! 
Dreams and ilutions
Hi everyone I'm back with another drawing to show you all! sorry that i was away for a little while the holidays have been pretty crazy around the coast.:happybounce: 
anyways enough of that, so for this picture, it was the time i was learning about surrealism back in art class and my teacher had me and a few other students to choose at least 5 different items and use them to create your own surrealism piece.Hug 
now for my 5 items i ended up getting a tree, feather, chess pieces, cogs, and last but not least a spider witch i didn't enjoy drawing since spiders scare the living shit out of me...but other than that i hope you guys love the drawing and i plan to post my photography work soon later!!Super mad - Xans [Icon] Maya Emoticon Aki Smile Icon 
Happy new years!!
Happy new year everyone!!w00t!  it is now 2017 and it's time to bring out new art for every artist on DA to enjoy!!OMG! I can't contain my excitement!  anyways lets get to it shall we? for this new drawing my parents got me these manga color pens made from Japan as a Christmas gift.:squee: 
so far I've done pretty well on my first go with the pens, though I'll still need to practice more since I'm not quite use to them yet,Sun  but whatever hope you'll like the drawing guys and I'll see you all next time later!!Party       
The Christmas bomb!!
Hey guys happy Christmas to you all!Santa Clause  and hope you'll enjoy this new art work I made for these holidays XD!!Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer  P.S. sorry that I miss spelled Christmas on the drawing I was kinda half asleep during the time I was working on the picture.Sleepy 
anyways for this next drawing I decided to add my character Scarlet to the pic along with the little boy known as her younger brother Jakob to bring out all the joy and Christmas spirit to everyone.Christmas Tree  so yeah enjoy the art and have an awesome holiday guys later!! Relax :Holly: 2016 NaNoEmo - #30 Rudolph Reindeer La     
Future city
Hi everyone i have just finally completed my years of school and now i can catch up on my art work XD!!I am a dummy!  anyways i was able to bring back my art and photography work from school, which makes at least 6 amount of work that are 3 drawings and 3 photographs i plan on posting very soon.:happybounce: 
this first drawing that i did in my art class was made based off of future cities that you would normally see from movies, games, or from paintings at the art gallery.Love  the way i had to sketch the picture was by using the art of stippling, hatching, cross hatching, scribble, etc you name it. and then i thought sketching a young girl at a park, sitting under a big old tree, admiring the view of the city in front of her.:Holly: 
so yeah hope you guys enjoy my work and they'll be more on the way soon, until next time cheers!!SANSTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO TOWN  
so yesterday i was checking out some messages on my computer when a friend of mine sent me the link to this video so have a look and let me know what you guys think...Stare 


If Undertale was Realistic 2 (Animation)

this adds to my list of strange bullshit that I've seen on the internet lol!!Sweating a little...  


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